Professor Svein Jentoft

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Professor Svein Jentoft

Norwegian College of Fishery Science

Telephone: +47 77 64 43 07
Office 5.535

Bibliography registered in Frida

My main theme of research concerns the organisation of decision-making processes in fisheries and coastal zone management. My particular issues are co-mangement, participatory democracy, social and cultural impact analysis of marine and terrestrial resource management, industrial organization and community development. Another of my themes is indigenous peoples's resource rights.

Current projects are "Fisheries governance and food security in the North and the South" and "Sharing responsibilities in Fisheries Management in Europe, both funded by the European Union. I am also the coordinator of the project "Cultural revitalization, environment and natural resources of the indigenous peoples of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua", which is a collaboration between University of Tromsø og URACCAN University in Nicaragua, financed by NUFU. Furthermore I participate in the project "Globalissation and indigenous peoples", funded by NFR, and the project "Co-peration in a Context of Crisis: Public-Private Management of Marine Fisheries in South Asia", organised by the Mare institute at University of Amsterdam.

Teaching areas

Fisheries management, community develop
ment, industrial organisation, methodology.

Selected publications

Fisheries Development. The Institutional Challenge. Delft: Eburon. 2004. Medforfattere Bjørn Hersoug og Poul Degnbol.

Indigenous Peoples: Resource Management and Global Rights. Delft: Eburon: 2004. Medredaktører Henry Minde og Ragnaar Nilsen.

* Røtter og Vinger. Kystkulturen i globalsamfunnet. Orkana forlag, 2001.

“Fisheries Governance, Social Justice and Participatory Decision-Making” In Tim Gray (ed.): Participation in Fisheries Governance. Dordrecht: Kluwer, kommer i 2005. Medforfattee: Hans-Kristian Hernes and Knut H. Mikalsen.

In Whose Interest? An Exploratory Study of Stakeholder Salience in Coastal Zone Planning in Norwegian Municipalities.” Ocean and Coastal Management. Vol. 47, Issue 3, pp. 2004. Medforfattere: Arild Buanes, Geir R. Karlsen, Anita Maurstad and Siri Søreng.