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SOK-3555 Fisheries economics

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This course aims to provide the student with a good theoretical background in bioeconomic principles which could be used in practical management tasks. The course aims also to integrate biological knowledge on population dynamics with economic reasoning.

Course description

The interplay between vessels/fishermen and fish stocks is studied for the case of an open access fishery and for different management regimes. Bioeconomic theory is used in the analysis of selected fisheries, both nationally controlled and those in which two or more countries are involved. Practical issues related to the use of available data for establishing bioeconomic reference points are addressed.


Course topics:

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Course data

Code: SOK-3555
Name: Fisheries economics
Credits: 10 ECTS
Prerequisites: SOK-3554
Period: Second term
Exam: 6 hours of written exam and one assignment. The assignment is graded passed/failed, passed is required for final evaluation (exam).
Grading: ECTS
Language: English
Lectures: 28
Seminars: 14
Coordinator: Arne Eide
Department: IFØ