Scientific publications in 2006

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Maria Fossheim, Einar M. Nilssen and Michaela Aschan, (2006). Fish assemblages in the Barents Sea. Marine Biology Research vol. 2, no4, pp. 260-269.

Miguel Gonzales, Svein Jentoft, Arja Koskinen, and Diala Lopez (eds.) (2006). Struggling for Land and Culture. URACCAN, Managua, Nicaragua.

Eduardo Grimaldo, (2006). The effects of grid angle on a modified Nordmøre-grid in the Nordic Shrimp Fishery. Fisheries research vol. 77, no1, pp. 53-59.

Svein Jentoft, (2006). Co-management - no magic bullet. Samudra, Vol. 44:36-39.

Bjørn Hersoug, (2006). Opening the tragedy?. Samudra Vol.45:3-7.

Svein Jentoft, (2006). Small-scale Fisheries, as seen from the North. Maritime Studies (MAST) Vol.4(2):23-27.

Grant Daniel Murray, Barbara Neis and Jahn Petter Johnsen, (2006). Lessons Learned from Reconstructing Interactions between Local Ecological Knowledge, Fisheries Science and Fisheries Management in the Commercial Fisheries of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Human Ecology Vol.34(4):549-571

Marianne Nilsen, Torstein Pedersen and Einar Magnus Nilssen, (2006). Macrobenthic biomass, productivity (P/B) and production in a high-latitude ecosystem, North Norway. Marine Ecology Progress Series Vol.321:67-77

Einar Magnus Nilssen and Jan Sundet, (2006). The introduced species red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) II. Growth increments and moulting probability. Fisheries Research Vol.82:319-326

Ole Petter Pedersen, Einar Magnus Nilssen, Lis Lindahl Jørgensen and Dag Slagstad, (2006). Advection of the red king crab larvae on the coast of North Norway - A lagrangian model study. Fisheries Research Vol.79(3):325-336

Peter Th. Ørebech and Fred. Bosselman, (2006). The Role of Customary Law in Sustainable Development. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0521859255. 506 pages.

Siv Reithe, (2006). Marine Reserves as a Measure to Control Bycatch Problems – The Importance of Multispecies Interactions. Natural Resource Modeling, Vol.19(2):221-242.

Thijs Christiaan Van Son and Martin Thiel, (2006). Mating behaviour of male rock shrimp, Rhynchocinetes typus (Decapoda: Caridea): effect of recent mating history and predation risk. Animal Behaviour Vol.71(1):61-70

Thijs Christiaan Van Son and Martin Thiel, (2006). Multiple predator effects in an intertidal food web. Journal of Animal Ecology Vol.75(1):25-32.

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