Scientific publications in 2005

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Svein Jentoft, (2005). Fisheries co-management as empowerment. Marine Policy vol. 29, no1, pp. 1-7.

Svein Jentoft and Arild Buanes, (2005). Challenges and Myths in Norwegian Coastal Zone Management. Coastal Management vol. 33, no2, pp. 151-165.

Arild Buanes, Svein Jentoft, Anita Maurstad, Siri U. Søreng and Geir Runar Karlsen, (2005). Stakeholder participation in Norwegian coastal zone planning. Ocean & coastal management vol. 48, no9-10, pp. 658-669.

Ola Flaaten and Einar Mjoelhus, (2005). Using reserves to protect fish and wildlife - simplified modeling approaches. Natural Resource Modeling vol. 18, no2, pp. 157-182.

Paulo Fonseca, Aida Campos, Beatriz Mendes and Roger B. Larsen, (2005). Potential use of a Nordmøre grid for by-catch reduction in a Portuguese bottom-trawl multispecies fishery. Fisheries research vol. 73, no1-2, pp. 49-66.

Paulo Fonseca, Aida Campos, Roger B. Larsen, Terese C. Borges and Karim Erzini, (2005). Using a modified Nordmøre grid for by-catch reduction in the Portuguese crustacean-trawl fishery. Fisheries research vol. 71, no2, pp. 223-239.

Eduardo Vela Grimaldo and Roger B. Larsen, (2005). The Cosmos grid: A new design for reducing by-catch in the Nordic Shrimp Fishery. Fisheries Research Vol.76(2):187-197

Odwa Dubula, J. C. Groeneveld, Antonio Jorge Santos, D.L. van Zyl, S.L. Brouwer, N. van den Heever and S.A. McCue, (2005). Effects of tag-related injuries and timing of tagging on growth of rock lobster, Jasus lalandii. Fisheries Research Vol.74:1-10.

Hans-Kristian Hernes, Svein Jentoft and Knut H. Mikalsen, (2005). Fisheries Governance, Social Justice and Participatory Decision-Making. In Tim S. Gray (ed.): Participation in Fisheries Governance. Springer-Verlag. ISBN 1-4020-3777-5. s. 103-118

Svein Jentoft, (2005). Co-management: Go for it!. Samudra Vol.42:8-11

Svein Jentoft, (2005). Review of Rova, Carl: Flipping the Pyramid: Lessons from Converting Top-down Management of Bleak-roe Fishing. Swedish Journal of Political Science Vol.107(2):170-176.

Svein Jentoft, Henry Minde and Ragnar Nilsen, (2005). Indigenous Peoples: Resource Management and Global Rights. Delft: Eburon Academic. ISBN 90-5166-978-X. 315 pages.

Jan Kooiman, Svein Jentoft, Roger Pullin and Maarten Bavinck, editors. (2005). Fish for Life: Interactive Governance for Fisheries. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. ISBN 9053566864. 432 pages.

Bjørn Hersoug, (2005). Closing the commons.Norwegian fisheries from open access to private property. Delft, the Netherlands: Eburon Publishers. 290 pages.

Peter Th. Ørebech, (2005). What restoration schemes can do? Or, getting it right without fisheries transferable quotas. Ocean Development and International Law Vol.36:165-185

Jahn Petter Johnsen, (2005). The evolution of the “harvest machinery”: why capture capacity has continued to expand in Norwegian fisheries . Marine Policy Vol.29(6):481-493

Terje Vassdal, Øystein Hermansen, Otto Biering Ottosson and Valtyr Þor Hreiðarasson, (2005). The Fisheries Competitiveness Index 2004-2005. Iceland and Norway. Akureyri, Island: Verðlagsstofa skiptaverðs. 51 pages.

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