Scientific publications in 2004

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Vollen, Tone; Albert, Ole Thomas; Nilssen, Einar Magnus. Diet composition and feeding behaviour of juvenile Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in the Svalbard area. Journal of Sea Research 2004;51:251-259

Flaaten, Ola; Heen, Knut. Fishing vessel profitability and local economic link obligations - the case of Norwegian trawlers. Marine Policy 2004;28:451-457

Isaksen, John R; Flaaten, Ola; et al.. Economic Performance of Selected European Fishing Fleets - Annual Report 2004. The Hague, Nederland: LEI 2004. ISBN 90-5242-958-8. 295 s.

Hermansen, Øystein; Flåten, Ola. Government financial transfers to the Norwegian fish harvesting, processing and aquaculture industries 1990 - 2002.. Tromsø: NORUT Samfunnsforskning AS 2004. ISBN 82-7697-190-3. 35 s. Rapport - NORUT samfunnsforskning 2004 ; 09

Wikan, Arild; Eide, Arne. An analysis of a Nonlinear Stage-Structured Cannibalism Model with Application to the Northeast Arctic Cod Stock. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 2004;66:1685-1704

Reithe, Siv; Aschan, MM. Bioeconomic analysis of by-catch of juvenile fish in the shrimp fisheries - an evaluation of management procedures in the Barents Sea. Environmental and Resource Economics 2004;28:55-72

Jentoft, Svein; Mikalsen, Knut H. A vicious circle? The dynamics of rule-making in Norwegian fisheries. Marine Policy 2004;28:127-135

Jentoft, Svein. Fisheries co-management as empowerment. Marine Policy 2004;29:1-7
Jentoft, Svein; et al.. Fisheries Development: The Institutional Challenge. Delft, Nederland: Eburon 2004. ISBN 90-5972-025-3. 229 s.

Jentoft, Svein. Fisheries Management: Remoteness and Alienation. Samudra 2004(37):14-16

Jentoft, Svein; Vissser, Leontine; et al.. Foreword to L. E. Visser (ed.): Challenging Coasts. Transdiciplinary Excursions into Integrated Coastal Zone Development.. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam Press 2004. ISBN 9053566821. 245 s.

Ørebech, Peter Th. The EU Competency Confusion: Limits, "Extension Mechanisms", Split Power, Subsidiarity and "Institutional Clashes". Journal of transnational law and policy 2004;13(1):99-151

Ørebech, peter th. The Fisheries Issues of the 2004 Second Accession to European Union, Compared with the 1994 First Accession Treaty . International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law 2004;19(2):93-150

Ørebech, Peter Th. The Fisheries Issues of the 2004 Second European Union Accession Treaty: A Comparison with the 1994 First Accesion Treaty. International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law 2004;19(2):89-146

Maurstad, Anita; Buanes, Arild; Jentoft, Svein; Karlsen, Geir Runar; Søreng, Siri Ulfsdatter. In who?se interest? An exploratory analysis of stakeholders in Norwegian coastal zone planning.. Ocean & Costal Management 2004;47(5-6):207-223

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