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FSK-3007 Fisheries management 

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The aim of this course is to connect the management perspectives of the different disciplines in order to achieve an over all perspective on fisheries management based on thorough knowledge within all areas.

Course description

MRM-3003 is a multidisciplinary course where topics of previous courses are discussed and elaborated in an interdisciplinary perspective.  The course also includes a thoroughly discussion on practical management means and methodology currently in use, and the biological, social and economic consequences in long and short time perspectives. The course makes a clear distinction between political objectives and necessary management means to be used in order to obtain the objectives. The problems of conflicting objectives, uncertainty and external interests are also discussed. Fisheries development is also focused and discussed in the context of community and society development.

Course topics:

  • The history of fisheries management
  • Consequence analysis and basic reference points (VPA technology, CPUE, etc.)
  • Precautionary approach
  • Harvest Control Rules (HCR)
  • Marine Protected Areas (MPA)
  • Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM)
  • Small-scale fisheries
  • Straddling stocks and migratory fisheries

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Course data

Name:Fisheries management
Credits:10 ECTS
Period:Third term
Exam:Term paper and written examination, counting 50% each
Coordinator:Arne Eide
Department:IFØ (in cooperation with IAB and ISAM)