The MaReMa logo

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The MaReMa logo is from the central image of the former logo of The Norwegian College of Fishery Science (NCFS). The NCFS logo  was first used October 20 1975. The English version (the sky blue logo shown below) was introduced later.

After 31 years of use the logo was banned by the University board, since NCFS as a normal university faculty could only use of the logo of the University of Tromsø (the two black ravens).

At that time MaReMa was already using the central part of the NCFS logo, the stylized fishing vessel with the fish in front of it (the fish could be interpreted being outside or inside the boat).

It has been impossible to trace the artist who initially created the logo. MaReMa would be happy to receive any additional information you may have regarding the logo and it's creator.

The MaReMa logo indicates that the centre focuses both the stocks in sea, the harvest, the fishers and the coastal communities.