IFM International Fisheries Management

Theses Presentation Programme 2007

All presentations are hold in room E-102, open for all (as a part of SOK-3553 Research Seminar)

Tuesday 27 November 2007

  • 10:00 Nurhasan Mulia (Supervisor: Edel O. Elvevoll): Nutritional Value of Aquatic Animals in Laotian Rice Fields Based Ecosystem-Possible Impact of Reduced Biodiversity.
  • 10:45 Mwanahamis Abdallah Salehe (Supervisor: Bjørn Hersoug): On ex-vessel sales, Lake Victoria, Tanzania.
  • 11:30 Khan Mohammad Safayet ( Supervisor: Stefano Peruzzi /Elvar H. Hallfredsson): Anti-biotic resistance in bacterias.
  • 13:00 Lena Petterson ( Supervisor: Jorge Santos/Petter Holm): Management tools to reduce direct environmental impact resulting from marine tourism. Case study: Con Dao, Vietnam.
  • 13:45 Khang van Pham (Supervisor: Bjørn Hersoug): Challenges to shrimp production in Bentre province, Vietnam.

Wednesday 28 November 2007

  • 10:00 Alieth Mutatina (Supervisor: Arne Eide): The importance of seaweed farming on fishing communities in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.
  • 10:45 Oxana Barysheva ( Supervisor: Øystein Myrland): Markedsføring av norsk sjømat i Russland.
  • 11:30 Zimasa Jika (Supervisor: Einar Nilssen): Consideration of the usefulness of the diet of Cape Gannets as an indicator of change in the southern Benguela ecosystem
  • 13:00 Melvin Emerson Archbold Robinson (Supervisor: Svein Jentoft): On communities previously depending on green turtle harvest.
  • 13:45 Thomas Korankye (Supervisor: Jahn Petter Johnsen): HIV/AIDS and poverty alleviation in artisanal fishing communities of Ghana - A case study of Elimina Fishing Community.
  • 14:30 Petit Kwaku Hiheglo ( Supervisor: Bjørn Hersoug): Aquaculture in Ghana; Prospects, challenges, antidotes and future perspectives.

Friday 30 November 2007

  • 10:00 Kristine Vollnes Johansen (Supervisor: Peter Arbo): Potential user conflicts in oil extraction and fisheries - The case of Lofoten and Vesterålen.
  • 10:45 Islam Mohammad Mahmudul (Supervisor: Svein Jentoft): Poverty-Fisheries Nexus: A case study from Bangladesh.
  • 11:30 Mahider Kitil (Supervisor: Claire Armstrong): A Bio Economic Analysis of Fisheries in Ethiopia: A Case of Lake Tana: Implications for Management and Conservation
  • 13:00 Anthony Clarke (Supervisor: Bjørn Hersoug): Illegal fishing in the Timor Sea.
  • 13:45 Mari Bjørklund Ingebrigtsen (Supervisor: Bjørn Hersoug): Eco-labeling and Fisheries