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BIO-3557 Fisheries ecology

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The objective of the course is to give an introduction to the assessment of exploited fish populations, and of the process leading to management advice. This forms a basis for the understanding of resource economics and management.

Course description

Students will be introduced to the utilization of assessment methods with different levels of information requirements and complexity. Biological population management often relies on the utilization of models, and we will make more in-depth analyses of the output of these models, determination of catch potential, biological reference points, and on scenario forecasts for different management decisions. There is an increasing concern for the consequences of fishing on genetic resources of both target and accessory populations, communities and habitats. Therefore, attention will also be given to the genetic and conservation management of a wide range of aquatic organisms in temperate and tropical systems. We will use case-studies and simple models to address some of these conflicting biological issues.


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Course data

Name:Fisheries ecology
Credits:10 ECTS
Period:Second term
Exam: Written examination (4 hours, 50 % final mark); essay and seminar presentation (50% of final mark).
Coordinator:Jorge Santos