About MaReMa

Welcome to Centre of Marine Resource Management

Research and Education
From Røst, Norway.

The aim of MaReMa is to encourage interdisciplinary research and education related to fisheries management. Interdisciplinary activities are challenging and demanding but are prerequisite for developing good management solutions for fisheries and aquaculture. MaReMa is running an international Master programme in fisheries management at the University of Tromsø, Norway.

Other Activities

MaReMa arranges conferences, workshops and other debate forums. These activities are connected to topical public debate, present research results or the like. Information on upcoming arrangements can be found in the calendar and newsletter.

The Members

MaReMa is a gravity centre with its origin at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science. The MaReMa board makes decisions according to the intentions of establishing the centre in 2004. The members listed below represent the core staff affiliated to the centre, while a number of other researchers are associated with MaReMa.
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